There is a movement about to revive the old fashioned aesthetic of dress and design, and the old fashioned ways of the gentleman. Popular websites teach: how to be a man, how to be a chap, how to be a dandy. They harken back to the good old days “when men were men”, and teach important lessons such as: honesty, integrity, dress, survival skills, home improvement, how to dress, how to act. In short, how to be a gentleman. These are important skills and lessons to learn, there is just one problem: women enjoy these things as well, but cannot call upon the culture of our past in the same way that men can. We were not, to put it bluntly, treated very well, and the old fashioned system is not one I would care to return to; I am rather fond of voting.

The point of this humble corner of the Internet is to teach these important skills, learn how to bring the aesthetic of the past to the present, but with modern sensibilities. I will not teach that a lady’s place is in the home, but that a lady’s place is wherever she pleases it to be, and to live with integrity, style, and a sense of adventure. I will teach such important womanly skills such as car repair, cooking, hiking, survival, dress, etiquette, strong morals, and why you should always resolve to have a firm love of the ridiculous.


The Author: The Duchess, known at home to friends and foe as Michael, is a lover of the eclectic and ridiculous. She holds a bachelors degree in English and Music, and is currently studying carpentry and green building at her local community college. She plays multiple instruments (some well, some less than well), reads too many books, is very serious about tea, and can kick your ass at Mario Kart.

(Header photo by Laelia Purpurata.)

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